Job: The Creative Vision

Jan 13, 2017Uncategorized

In case you showed up on Sunday and were intrigued about the new artwork for the book of Job, our creative team wanted to break down the symbolism behind the graphic.

The book of Job tells the story of a wealthy man named Job who loses everything he owns (including his kids and his good health) and then wrestles with his faith in God’s goodness and justice as his friends give him some very unhelpful counsel.

To represent the brokenness, the confusion, and the emptiness that Job feels in this story, we made the graphic shown in photo 1.

Now, let’s take a look at a few specific elements of the graphic (photo 2). First, notice the white/light grey triangles covering the mangled face. These shapes not only serve the practical purpose of framing the “Job” title and the “No Matter What” sub-header, but they also look like broken shards of glass, representing how Job’s picture perfect life was shattered when God gave Satan permission to test Job (read Job chapter 1). This style was also implemented in the lettering of “Job”, as we cut out triangular pieces of the letter to also give that broken look.

Beneath the triangles is a pretty gnarly looking face (photo 3), which represents the physical ailment that Satan inflicted on Job in chapter 2. The triangles covering the eyes of the face takes away the identity of the person in the background, allowing the audience to interpret the person as a more of a vague sufferer, thus being more identifiable.

Plus, the broken doll stock photo we used for it was pretty creepy… (photo 4)

Finally, the wrinkled grey paper (photo 5) represents the dullness of Job’s life after he’s lost everything. It also represents the confusion that he endures as all of his “friends” give him terrible counsel about why he might have deserve the suffering that’s inflicted him, giving a foggy, uncomfortable feel to the image.

That’s it! Can’t wait to show you all what the Lord has stirred our hearts for when we get into Psalms!

– Kappes (Creative Director)