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Amen Corner


Here at Love Church We exist to love God supremely and love people supernaturally. There’s nothing more encouraging to our body of believers and volunteers than to hear of real, life-changing stories of how God is working in people’s lives to radically change the world. If you have encouragement or a life-changing story you would like to share, please use the form to tell us about it.

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life change stories

  • Love Church-
    We were reading our orange bible as a family tonight and when we were done Cadence said, “I want to give my life to Jesus!” We led her in a prayer and she prayed after us and we explained that she was the one talking to God. Anyway, when she was done she said, “I’m sweating!” The Holy Spirit is amazing! Then she kept smiling and saying, “I’m so happy mom.” Sweetest moment!! She’s been asking lots of questions the last couple of weeks and I could sense the spirit drawing her but it was completely out of the blue tonight. Of course the Bible reading was amazing too!

    PRAISE JESUS AND LOVE CHURCH for pointing families to the orange bible!!! Thank you staff!

    The Mittag’s

    Ashley Mittag

  • I'd spent my life questioning my spirituality, coming up with more questions where I wanted answers. I happened upon your YouTube videos a little over a year ago and after watching the first one I found myself coming back for more and more and more. There was a small voice at the back of my mind that kept me looking for the next Christian/Faith movie on Netflix, and kept me looking for the right worship team that communicated in a way that resonated with me. I hadn't found it. I hadn't found THE message I thought was meant for me.

    Long story short, I grew up questioning and rejecting the Christian faith. When I was in college, I had a weird dream that felt, to me, out of the blue. In this dream, I was a pastor talking to college age people about faith and the connection with everyday life. The 19-year-old me rejected the dream as a silly what if. The next few years were tumultuous as you can probably predict and time had dulled the importance in that message.

    Let's skip ahead to nearly a year ago. I'm up on top of a ladder, listening to Love Church video while changing clocks back. When something caught me by the tenders. In my earbuds and on the small screen of my iPhone I watched Kappes talk about his journey. That calling he had received. I stopped and stared as I felt this man bear his heart and soul to his congregation, to the world. And suddenly when he asked if there was anyone in the audience who needed to be accept God... MAN I felt that. Standing on top of a ladder, batteries in one hand and screw driver in another I welcomed Jesus into my life and dedicated my life to God.

    It's been six months since that day. I still feel that message strongly. This correspondence has two intentions:

    1) To thank Kappes for that message. It struck the right chord at just the right moment. I know sometimes as we write our sermons we wonder if it's going to have an impact. If anyone is TRULY listening. I was. And I can't thank him enough. Since, I've enrolled in a free online seminary (can't afford to go for real... but hopefully my intentions and actions in faith will open doors for me). I don't know if I'm meant to be a pastor, or if I'll have another way of putting out my message but I am focusing on just following the path laid out before me.

    2) To thank you for creating a great environment that can attract those in darkness who are waiting to see the light. Keep up the amazing work! I hope someday to shake your hands and thank you in person!

    Matt Aaland

  • I have been a Christian for many years, and have been to many churches; however, Love Church is truly spirit-led and spirit filled!!! I feel the amazing love and oneness that is in this church!! It isn’t just a church. God is changing lives and Christians like myself are seeing and feeling the presence of our savior in this church body!! Thank you and Denise for listening and responding to His call!! I tell all my friends about this church and the hope it gives to all who enter!! Praise His Name!! And P.S.: The worship led by Jason is amazing! The Holy Spirit is evident in him as he leads! He is a JOY to hear and see each week! God Bless you all and your tireless work you put in for Him and his people every day!!!

    Kim Czaplewski

  • This past week I had the opportunity to watch the encounter online, which was truly an encounter! God was moving so swiftly into the lens, through the cables, across signals, onto my laptop and into my heart. Thank you to the devoted camera crew always moving forward, with ideas and innovation, to bring the Word of God to those watching online.

    Andy Bayne